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*Inspire* Masterpieces

Our free art guides (for all ages) have a lot to say about artists, techniques and movements. They just happen to be in-line with the school curriculum too…


Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot... Hear that? That’s the sound of a classroom excited about pointillism.

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Civic and Cultural Understanding

Understand more about where you live and came from. Also, you get to make a nice mess.

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Famous artists

Use famous artists’ techniques to recreate their masterpieces. Well… almost.

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All about me

Discover how little artists see themselves by creating self-portraits. Expect to see dinosaurs.

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Easy pleasers

Express yourself quickly in 10 minute exercises. Ready, set, GO.

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Early years

Nurture the talents of budding artists in Year 1 with a range of arty exercises.

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Download art class

Download a free art class and learn about famous artists, periods or movements and make your own, individual masterpiece.