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Frequently asked questions

This sounds *great*. How can my school or nursery start making art?

If you know who your Sales Mom is, get in touch with her and she will assist you with everything you need to get started. Otherwise, fill in our enquiry form or drop us an email at

What’s a Sales Mom?

Just like unicorns, Sales Moms are something of a legend. Part mom, part superwoman, they form our passionate team who assist your school or nursery throughout the length of the programme. Think of them as your artistic guru (and your key contact at Drawings By Me). If you don’t know who your Sales Mom is, please contact us.

When is the best time to run the programme?

You can run the programme at any time of the year (a masterpiece never goes out of style, after all). To help keep things organised, we created a choice of timelines for each school term, your Sales Mom can talk you through these. It’s best to select a date well in advance, so everyone can be prepared.

What support will we get during the programme?

Your Sales Mom will take you through the programme step-by-step. They’ll be on hand from start to finish to give you guidance (and a few handy tips for a successful season). We’ll provide you with a super Starter Kit that takes care of everything else, from drawing paper to order forms and class art guides.

Why are prices higher on the website than through the programme?

We want to give every parent the opportunity to make a masterpiece a memory, that’s why products are discounted through our programme. For more pricing inquiries, please email

Where can I find the prices of the products offered through the programme?

For pricing inquiries, please get in touch with your Sales Mom or email us at

Do you sort the orders for us?

Yes! Making sure each artist gets their own masterpiece is super simple. Orders are delivered in boxes marked with the relevant grade, year, or classroom. Each individual order is separately packed in see-through bag with a handle making it easy for students to carry home (and show off, of course).

Why is the artist identification on the Order Form Envelope and the back of the art paper so important?

We need accurate and legible information so we credit the artists with their name and age. The artist's first and last name must be clearly PRINTED on the Order Form Envelope and it must match the information on the back of the art paper. Otherwise, everything will get mixed up and we won’t be able to produce the order. We absolutely don’t want any disappointed children.

Does the artwork need to be created at school?

Absolutely! Drawings By Me is all about unleashing childrens’ creative potential. We believe there’s no better place to do this than in an art class. We also provide easy-to-follow detailed art guides with multiple themes and techniques to help children create their best work

What type of paper should we use for the artwork?

We provide artwork paper but you can use your own if you like. Just make sure it’s A4 and has the child’s name, school, age, and grade/class on the back. Remember: the artwork needs to be in landscape (not portrait) format.

Can parents place an order with artwork from home instead of the one done in class?

Yes, if the artwork is on A4 paper. Make sure it has the child’s name, school, age, and grade/class on the back. Remember: the artwork needs to be in landscape (not portrait) format. The parent can then place the artwork in the Order Form Envelope.

Can parents place an order with more than one artwork?

Yes! To keep things organised, each artwork should be placed in a separate Order Form Envelope. Parents can request extra forms and envelopes from the school or nursery – we always give you some extra to use.

In such an instance, please ensure the artwork paper and respective Order Form Envelope are correctly labelled with a matching number in the field “Artwork #”? E.g.: Order Form labelled with Artwork #: “1” includes artwork paper labelled with Artwork #: “1”, Order Form labelled with Artwork #: “2” includes artwork paper labelled with Artwork #: “2”. This is important so that we can be sure to place the artworks on the right products.

What is the label “Artwork #” on the Order Form Envelope, and the back of the art paper, for?

This label is only filled out whenever a parent wants to place multiple orders with more than one artwork. Please see “Can parents place an order with more than one artwork?” above.

Can siblings or staff participate?

Of course! We want everyone to get involved. Staff or parents can request additional artwork paper and Order Form Envelopes from the school or nursery, and submit their order along with the others. Ensure one Order Form Envelope is used for each piece of artwork.

How long does it take to run the programme?

You should allow a couple of weeks to create the artwork. Parents would then need a week or so to place their orders. Finally Drawings By Me will need 3 weeks to produce and deliver the products.

Do I get the original artwork back?

We’re afraid not. There are just too many, so the original artwork will not be returned unless the parent specifically requests so on the Order Form envelope. The artwork can be viewed in our online gallery though!

How do I contact your Customer Service Department?

Call: +971.56.1057307 or email:

Please allow us 24 hours to return your call or email (things can get very busy!) Please have your child's full name, school, and grade available.

What should I do if I lose my child's order form?

No problem. Your school/nursery will have extras.

Can I order more products from a past programme?

Yes! We usually store past artwork in our gallery. You’ll need to order through us directly by sending your order details to

I missed the school's deadline date to order?

You can email us at and we will try our best to assist. Alternatively you can place an order online through our website.

What happens if a parent is not happy with their order?

We’re sorry to hear that! We do whatever we can to correct any mistakes. Just make sure they are reported within 14 days of receiving the order. Please ask the parent to return the product to your school’s programme coordinator along with an explanation. You can also email us at